Rep. Luke Letlow: Another Loss to the Virus

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  1. 1. His Tragic Loss
  2. 2. How His Loss Was Treated

His Tragic Loss

Luke Letlow, an elected congressman from Louisiana, passed away due to COVID-19 on December 29th, 2020. The unfortunate death stopped the 41 year old on his path to be sworn in as a US Representative on January 3rd, 2021. Testing positive for the virus on December 18th, he was hospitalized the day after in the St. Francis Medical Center (Monroe, LA). On December 22nd, he was transferred to Ochsner LSU Health (Shreveport, LA). Even with no underlying conditions, and said to be in stable condition on the 23rd, his health worsened as the days went. Being one of over 7000 people dead from the virus in Louisiana, he was also one of many officials from Louisiana who acquired the virus, many of whom recovered, including Senator Bill Cassidy. With this tragic loss, Letlow leaves his wife, Julia Letlow, and two children behind, along with many others who were to be represented by his delegation in the US House of Representatives.

Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies at 41 after being hospitalized with coronavirus

How His Loss Was Treated

The condolences and thoughts of many of his fellow Louisianan officials were shown, along with many others in Congress, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Additionally, the governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, declared flags to be flown at half-staff on the day of the funeral, stating that “Congressman-elect Letlow felt a calling from a young age to serve the people of his home state.” On the other hand, it was seen that many left-wing reporters and activists on Twitter were amused at the sight of this news. Reporters including Aaron Rupar (Vox) and Molly Jong-Fast (The Daily Beast) blamed Letlow for his own death, criticizing his views on reopening the economy with precautionary measures. This influence led to many followers declaring him unsuitable for thought and recognition due to his political stance. With mixed emotions on his death and his importance in the political world, he was one more lost to this deadly virus that has taken just under 350,000 people in America.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sending his condolences for the death of Representative Luke Letlow;


  • On December 29th, 2020, representative of the 5th congressional district of Louisiana, Luke Letlow, passed away due to complicated with COVID-19
  • With no prior conditions and being in a stable situation, his health began to worsen after December 23rd after being diagnosed with the virus on the 18th.
  • Many of his fellow political colleagues have sent condolence messages with their thoughts and prayers
  • Reports and activists on Twitter have criticized his views and blamed the death on himself due to his political stance on reopening the economy.


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