Diversity of Thought Act

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  1. What is Diversity of Thought?
  2. The History of Cancel Culture
  3. The Diversity of Thought Act

What is Diversity of Thought?

As Diversity Media Women states, “The idea that our thinking is shaped by our culture, background, experiences, and personalities is core to the concept of diverse thought.” Examining the concept from a business perspective, diversity of thought generally leads to advancements in companies, with an automatic self-evaluation method and a multi-perspective decision-making process. But how does this relate to the world, and the community we live in? Diversity of thought is the method by which a democratic decision is made, the very basis of decisions made by the American government, and the groundwork in the creation of America. With the developing use of cancel culture in the new generation, diversity of thought is disappearing, leading to its revival movement in California.

The History of Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a growing factor in society and the media. With its popularity in the media industry, proponents of the movement claim they hold public figures accountable for actions done and statements made both in the past and present. Some examples of this include the #MeToo movement’s taking down of prominent men like R Kelly and Harvey Weinstein. Opponents argue that this culture may be beneficial to society in some aspects, such as addressing sexual assault, but that’s not always the case. They question whether cancel culture should apply to other forms of a person’s beliefs and whether they should be held accountable for something they said or did multiple years ago. 

As such, cancel culture continues to flourish in society, with the growing popularity of social media. It has also robustly entered the expanse of politics. With the growing concern over cancel culture’s expansion, former President Donald Trump stated: “The goal of cancel culture is to make decent Americans live in fear of being fired, expelled, shamed, humiliated and driven from society as we know it.” Recently, actress Gina Carano made the headlines for her political beliefs, resulting in Carano losing her job. Higher demand for renaming buildings titled after historical leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Paul Revere was seen. Students, being attacked at both the liberal and conservative end, have seen discrimination. An example was seen in an article from The Hill, in which the author who had gone to a Republican event, stated that high schoolers passionately described that they felt discrimination for their political views, affecting their performance and future. Cancel culture has a growing passage into society in the present day, affecting both the present and past and rapidly making its way into politics. 

The Diversity of Thought Act

Melissa Melendez is a Republican State Senator from California. She proposed the Diversity of Thought Act (Senate Bill 238). This revises the Fair Employment and Housing Act. In an urge to protect political class and views, the Senator asserts the movement as not protecting those of the Republican identity but safeguarding them and the power to be one. With Senate Bill 238, California residents cannot be segregated in recruitment and housing on the basis of political belief or affiliation. Another bill was introduced alongside this one – Senate Bill 239 – which attempts to alter the state education code to protect political beliefs along with race, religion, and sexual orientation. Melendez argues that this bill is meant for the average citizen who is fired or attacked for their political opinion, not only preventing this for conservatives but also to prevent cancel culture within politics for any belief. She indicates that passing these bills is a tough measure to take but hopes that her fellow congressional colleagues will understand that no political belief should be discriminated against. She argued that any belief, whether conservative or liberal, could be targeted in the future.

State Senator Melissa Melendez;


  • Diversity of thought is a concept that illustrates our thoughts and ideas as being constituents of one’s environment and practices
  • Cancel culture is a developing part of society, with its presence in media and now politics as well
  • The Diversity of Thought Act, voiced by State Senator Melissa Melendez from California, articulates that California residents cannot be segregated in recruitment and housing on the basis of political belief or affiliation
  • This bill is also enforced within the schooling system


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