What Does Governor Cuomo’s Future Look Like after Recent Sexual Assault Allegations?

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  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently come under fire as the New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges that he “sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law” after investigation.
  • Cuomo has not yet been impeached, but with both parties calling for his resignation, it is likely Cuomo will be impeached (in the initial stages)
  • Both Democratic and Republican leaders call for Cuomo to resign amid allegations, but he refused to do so initially (eventually, he did resign)

What Is Happening to Governor Cuomo Right Now?

Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic New York governor, has recently come under fire due to recent developments in sexual assault allegations dating back to March 2021. Eleven of Cuomo’s former staff members including multiple personal aides, such as Ana Lisa, have claimed that Cuomo has made sexual remarks regarding them along with going as far as touching them inappropriately. After investigation, the New York Attorney General Letitia James came to a decision on Tuesday and claimed that Cuomo “sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law”. Governor Cuomo has apologized for making remarks that may have made some uncomfortable, but denies allegations that claim that he has touched some women inappropriately. In addition to this apology, Cuomo also directly contacted and apologized to Charlotte Bennett, one of his accusers. Bennett was appalled by the apology and tweeted that she wants Cuomo impeached instead.

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What Are the Democratic and Republican Stances on Cuomo at the Moment?

Right now, there is a bipartisan stance on Cuomo with leaders from both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party calling for the New York governor to resign. This isn’t anything new as politicians were calling for his resignation in Spring 2021 due to other controversies. Almost all Republicans call for the resignation of Cuomo and also feel that this is the perfect opportunity to get a Republican elected as governor with elections coming up soon. Although hesitant at first, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, is among the many democrats that call for Cuomo’s resignation. President Biden, who once had a strong relationship with Cuomo, also called for his resignation. Although denying to at first, Cuomo decided to resign after political pressure from both Republicans and Democrats.

Kevin Lamarque, Reuters

What Is the Future like for Cuomo and New York?

With Cuomo officially resigning as the New York governor, his future, as well as the New York governor position, is uncertain at the moment. Cuomo is set to leave the Executive Mansion and said “Uh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” when asked about what he plans to do in the foreseeable future. Cuomo ultimately decided to resign because although he thought he would be able to win, he did not want to go through a tiresome impeachment process. With there being a vacancy at the New York governor position at the moment, Kathy Hochul, a lieutenant governor, will take over. This would lead to Hochul being the first female governor New York has ever had. Hochul will serve as governor until at the earliest 2022 when the New York gubernatorial elections are being held.


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