Why Did OnlyFans Reverse its Ban?

TL;DR (2-minute read)

  • OnlyFans recently reversed a planned ban on adult content.
  • The company wanted to ban sexual content in at first because investors didn’t want to invest in a company known for spreading sexual content.
  • Banks weren’t willing to approve payments for the platform due to banks’ interests to distance themselves from the pornography industry after it has been found that some pornographic videos were results of sexual assault, rape, and human trafficking. However, OnlyFans stopped the ban because they ‘secured assurances’ with banks and investors that keeping sexual content would not interfere with payments or investments. So, the company had no reason to ban the content anymore.
  • Even though the ban didn’t follow through, some OnlyFans creators are angry because they lost subscribers after subscribers heard about the ban.
  • Although for now, sexual content is still permitted on the platform, it is quite possible that the ban could reappear in the future.

The OnlyFans logo. Onlyfans

OnlyFans is a platform used to share exclusive content from creators. The platform has recently been gaining popularity due to pornographic content on the website. But with this popularity, controversy and conflict have also arisen. In recent times, OnlyFans announced that it was planning to ban pornography from its platform. However, on August 25th, OnlyFans surprised many with the announcement that they actually won’t ban sexual content.

The reason why OnlyFans planned to even ban the explicit content was that it was hard for the company to make partnerships with other investors because the investors knew about the sexual content that OnlyFans is mainly known for. Another reason as to why OnlyFans planned to ban adult content is because of banks. Banks wouldn’t process payments for sexual content due to them attempting to dissociate from the porn industry after it has been found that some videos are results of sexual assault, rape, and human trafficking. However, after investors and banks “secured assurances” with OnlyFans despite the content, OnlyFans didn’t find a reason to ban the explicit content and stopped the ban. 

Even though the ban has been halted, there has still been damage done to creators on the platform. Many creators claimed that they lost a decent amount of subscribers after the announcement of the proposed ban. This heavily affected these creators because some depend on making content on the website as a means of income to support their household, and a loss of subscribers means a loss of income as well. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that the ban is completely rid of. Brian Gross, president of BSG Public Relations, who manages some OnlyFans adult content creators stated that “There’s always a chance (OnlyFans) can implement the policy again. I think everyone has to keep an eye open.” So although that the ban has been called off, for now, don’t be surprised if a ban on adult content on the platform has been called upon once again in the future. 


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