A Breakthrough in Quantum Mechanics: Constructor Theory

TL;DR (2-minute read)

  • Quantum mechanics has changed physics over the past century of study.
  • Constructor theory is the idea that all of physics can be broken down into can and can’t do relations
  • This theory allows for a better understanding of the idea for quantum technologies, which can help bring those technologies into creation.

Quantum Mechanics

I’m sure most have heard of quantum mechanics, through some sort of media. But what exactly is quantum mechanics? Quantum mechanics studies how the smallest particles of the universe relate to one another. These small particles are called quarks and they make up protons, electrons, and neutrons. The nature of quarks is very unique as they can act as both a wave and particle and two quarks may exist in the same spot at the same time. Physics studies how things react which then creates general laws like the ones created by Newton, but at this microscopic scale for an unknown reason, those basic laws no longer apply. For the past century or so physicists have been attempting to understand how the world of quarks works. Quantum physics is used to help predict how the universe works rather than base things on inference and observation.

Constructor theory

Constructor Theory’s a relatively new concept in the field of quantum mechanics that wishes to combine General relativity with quantum mechanics. This macro theory of physics attempts to simplify all known laws down to algebraic formulas that can be applied anywhere. This algebraic formula would allow for a new predicting outlook on relations rather than an observing outlook. The whole thing boils down to innovative concepts for what can and can’t happen in observable relations. Predictably not attainable through normal physics, quantum ideas can be modeled using math instead of complex machines worth millions of dollars. The simplified laws of physics can then be applied to any situation, including quarks, without a hierarchy to order of the law. The constructor theory also eliminates the need for approximation. The viewpoint of physics then changes from focusing in the objects to focusing on the tasks or relations of the objects to each other.

Quantum Technology

As stated previously quarks can be in what is called superposition; existing at 2 different possibilities at once; allowing for a quantum computer to run multiple applications within the same bit. When applying the constructor theory to a quantum computer processor all the possible outcomes can be predicted. This prediction can be compared to an engineer seeing a drawing and determining if an object could be built before building it. Though currently, quantum computers are just out of reach, perhaps the constructor theory can bring it closer to reality. Due to the nature of quantum computing AI could become even more life-like with multiple processes happening simultaneously and in any desired order of completion. 


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