Windows 11 Was Released A Month Ago. Here Are Some Bugs to Watch Out For.

TL;DR (2-minute read)

  • Windows 11 released to the public available for free for Windows 10 users, or as a new operating system to purchase by itself.
  • As a fresh operating system, there are plenty of issues with certain aspects of the software.
  • Microsoft has addressed some of the big ones: the Snipping Tool was not working, and it’s unable to connect wirelessly with some printers.
  • However, there are many other minor ones not addressed by the company, even a month after release: some have complained some of their folders have disappeared after updating, etc.

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Windows 11 was released to the public a little over a month ago. It received mixed reactions by critics for its general lack of perceived innovation to the Windows 10 platform. Windows 11 will be a free update for all Windows 10 users. The main difference in Windows 11 is the user interface, or more specifically, the task bar: the solid bar at the bottom of users screens that shows what programs are currently running. Other updates to the system follow the current smartphone trend of rounding out the corners of app and folder icons. Changes to file system and icons could be the reason many users have reported empty folders appearing on their hard drive. This is one of the more unofficial errors in code, as they have not been addressed directly in any of the recent updates. Besides the bugs, many users are complaining about how the actual interface looks worse than before.

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Majorly Reported Bugs

The most recent bug has been with opening the built-in applications, like the snipping tool. It has been patched already, but the issue seemed to come randomly when addressing another update to fix a different bug.

Another issue is you might also have a little trouble connecting a printer to your device. The current, official solution is a work-around by manually connecting the printer through a direct connection or input from the user.

Other bugs include the aforementioned empty folders, this has been mainly talked about on Reddit and not found on the official Windows 11 bugs list from Microsoft. On top of the random files added, the whole system is slower than the current speed of the Windows 10 file explorer. This same slow speed also happens when you open the task bar’s main page. Currently the issue is being worked on by Microsoft but no update has been released to the public as of yet.

The most recent bug reported however, has to deal with the all important snipping tool and other built-in applications. Issues with these select applications are causing the snipping tool to no longer open due to an expired license across the Microsoft system. The issue was formally reported on the second and was resolved by the fifth of November, showing  the outstanding speed Microsoft’s development team has. All these bugs are as expected for a system that has only been out for a month. 

How to Proceed

Through all this I encourage you to perform your own research, watch reviews, read some more articles about Windows 11 and continue looking into the official update guide before you update.


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