Violence rises Amongst Fraternities Across America

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  1. A fraternity at George Washington University was vandalized and a Jewish Torah was destroyed, while a Bible situation right next to it was left untouched.
  2. Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Mississippi was suspended after a second hazing incident until 2025.
  3. A student at the University of Delaware was arrested for attacking a female student on campus because that female student went to another fraternity’s party.

With media becoming more and more accessible to the average person, fraternity violence has been blowing up all over the country. Cases from George Washington University, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Delaware have all displayed extreme acts of violence against members of their own college. Here’s what we know so far: 

Torah vandalization at George Washington University

On October 31, a fraternity house at George Washington University was vandalized. Members of the group found hot sauce and laundry detergent covering walls of the house and even a vandalized Jewish Torah. Despite there being a Bible right next to it, only the Torah had its pages ripped out and strewn about. The chapter president, Chris Osborne, believes it was an act of anti-Semitic violence. Students at GWU seem to think so as well; hundreds of students gathered around the fraternity house to show their support. The fraternity has also asked their local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League to look into the vandalism that took place. 

Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Mississippi Suspended Over a Second Hazing Incident

In the early fall of 2021, a second hazing case was reported at the University of Mississippi. The fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, had already gone through a hazing case in 2020 when new members were going through their induction ceremony. Pledges were forced to sit in a hallway blindfolded while members of the fraternity yelled and screamed at the newcomers. They even sprayed cleaning supplies on them, leading to the hospitalization of at least one student. After this incident, the university put the fraternity on probation. The probation was broken after a second, unknown incident and the fraternity was suspended until May 2025. 

University of Delaware Student Charged with the Assault of a Female Student Due to Fraternity Loyalties

On October 8th, a student at UD was arrested over an attack on a female student earlier that day. The court case states that the attacker had been angry with the girl for going to a fraternity that wasn’t his. Things escalated when they went to her ex’s apartment and he spray-painted her eyes, strangled her, and said he was going to kill her. She escaped after getting pushed down a flight of stairs and was treated at the hospital for her many bruises, cuts, and other wounds. Protests that week drew more than 500 people and ended with the University of Delaware temporarily suspending the attacker. 


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