About Us

Politics Made Simple was built on a vision of civil discourse, truth, and conciseness during a time when little of it existed in America: April 2020, the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Constituents and lawmakers from either party couldn’t even listen to each other with civility, causing the subsequent pandemic to proliferate throughout American society and cause over 775,000 deaths in the US alone.

Further, most Americans didn’t trust the news. The majority of news organizations catered to only one political party, such as CNN for Democrats and Fox News for Republicans. The few exceptions, like the Associated Press, were labeled ‘nonpartisan,’ meaning they only provide boiled-down, uncontroversial facts about an issue without ever explaining opposite political opinions. This is not ideal either.

Other articles are just too long. No reader today has the time to read elaborate, 5,000-word essays on every issue they’re concerned about, no matter how interested they are.

So how do we resolve that?

Politics Made Simple is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news organization that helps people become more politically informed citizens. We want to bring readers what today’s media lacks: concise, unbiased news readable in less than 5 minutes. When applicable, we state both conservative and liberal views on a certain topic so that you can formulate your own opinions based on the evidence and commentary.

United by this cause, we are made up entirely of teens who work for free amid busy school, sports, and social schedules to help reach our vision of a politically informed America.

If there’s any more you would like to learn about Politics Made Simple, please email us at politicsmadesimple.org@gmail.com!

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