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Politics Made Simple helps people become more politically informed citizens. We want to bring to the table what today’s media lacks: information presented in short, concise articles readable in only 5 minutes or less and which represent multiple sides of nearly every current event. We make sure that both a conservative- and liberal-minded staff member view and edit each article, and when applicable, we state both conservative and liberal views on a certain topic that you can formulate your own opinions based on the evidence and commentary.

But why even learn about current events in the first place? A survey by Outbrain found that in 2013, 12 times more Americans knew of the Miley Cyrus twerking incident at the MTV Music Awards than about a recent mass murder in Syria. Being politically informed about the world around us is crucial to being a responsible global citizen. 

Another reason, which means the most to us at Politics Made Simple, is that the world around you just makes sense. For example, did you notice how gas prices declined during the pandemic last spring? The reason is broader than just the fact that less people are on the roads. It also has to do with the oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the largest oil producers in the world. Ever wonder where all of the ash trees went? Thank the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect from northeastern Asia. 

It’s true that information like this may not be helpful to us in our daily lives, but it can be enlightening and, with a website like ours, quick and simple.

If there’s any more you would like to learn about PoliticsMadeSimple.org, please email us at politicsmadesimple.org@gmail.com!

Jaswanth Vandrasi, Creator of PoliticsMadeSimple.org

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